Mobile App Augmented Reality and Scoring

The Association of Hoteliers and the Provincial Council of Albacete needed a solution to enhance family tourism in the province by giving greater visibility to many localities that although they have a significant potential for artistic, historical and natural tourism do not receive the visitors they deserve.
CUSTOMERS: Diputación de Albacete y Asociación de Hosteleros de Albacete
project: AAugmented Reality Application for iOS and Android mobiles with Gymkanas and Gamification
Employed tecnologies:

App Realidad Aumentada para iOS y Android Aventuras por Albacete
Given the clients’ needs, it was proposed to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that would turn the province of Albacete into a game board, loading adventures throughout the territory classified by the different regions that make it up.

In order to make its use more dynamic, gambling is used so that children and young people, accompanied by their families, can visit and discover destinations and learn more by playing, which is undoubtedly the best way to learn.

As they complete the tests, they learn more and win trophies.

To get a greater impact on the adult public when using the tool can participate in draws of any kind such as weekends, etc … So, all users have a benefit when using the app.

To participate, users will only have to download the application for free and enjoy innovative technologies such as augmented reality, geolocation on the camera and 3D models, technologies that delight the little ones of the house.

The tool is designed to grow in adventures and can include new gymkanas remotely from an administration panel that we have developed.

In short, it is a tool that uses the child audience as a lever to drag the whole family to visit and discover the destination and the adult audience thanks to the contests/sweepstakes.


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